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Gerber, Mike 100b2a5e6c 🐛 Fix mods:relatedItem with mods:recordIdentifier source=dnb-ppn
mods:relatedItem may have a mods:recordIdentifier with source="dnb-ppn".
This may happen for digitized works that have their original work in
another library and use a DNB PPN there.

Fixes gh-22.
2 months ago
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Extract the MODS/ALTO metadata of a bunch of METS/ALTO files into pandas DataFrames.

Build Status

mods4pandas converts the MODS metadata from METS files into a pandas DataFrame.

Column names are derived from the corresponding MODS elements. Some domain knowledge is used to convert elements to a useful column, e.g. produce sets instead of ordered lists for topics, etc. Parts of the tool are specific to our environment/needs at the State Library Berlin and may need to be changed for your library.

alto4pandas converts the metadata from ALTO files into a pandas DataFrame.

Column names are derived from the corresponding ALTO elements. Some columns contain descriptive statistics (e.g. counts or mean) of the corresponding ALTO elements or attributes.


mods4pandas /path/to/a/directory/containing/mets_files
alto4pandas /path/to/a/directory/full/of/alto_files


In this example we convert the MODS metadata contained in the METS files in /srv/data/digisam_mets-sample-300 to a pandas DataFrame under mods_info_df.pkl. This file can then be read by your data scientist using pd.read_pickle().

% mods4pandas /srv/data/digisam_mets-sample-300
INFO:root:Scanning directory /srv/data/digisam_mets-sample-300
301it [00:00, 19579.19it/s]
INFO:root:Processing METS files
100%|████████████████████████████████████████| 301/301 [00:01<00:00, 162.59it/s]
INFO:root:Writing DataFrame to mods_info_df.pkl

In the next example we convert the metadata from the ALTO files in the test data directory:

% alto4pandas qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/PPN636777308
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/734008031
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/PPN895016346
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/PPN640992293
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/alto-ner
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/PPN767883624
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/PPN715049151
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/749782137
Scanning directory qurator/mods4pandas/tests/data/alto/weird-ns
INFO:alto4pandas:Processing ALTO files
INFO:alto4pandas:Writing DataFrame to alto_info_df.pkl