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How to add a processor

  • Add model download to build (if necessary)
  • Add a Dockerfile
  • Add commands to wrapper/qurator/ocrd_galley/


  • git tag -m 'v<version>' 'v<version>'
  • for r in origin github github-qurator-spk; do git push -d $r stable; done
  • git tag -fm 'stable' 'stable'
  • for r in origin github github-qurator-spk; do git push --tags $r master; done
    • This - the tags - triggers Travis builds for the mikegerber repo, including building the Docker images and pushing them to Docker Hub.
    • Make sure that qurator-spk gets tags pushed (for consistency).
  • Create release on GitHub

Inclusion policy

  1. Only use PyPI version where possible.
  2. If that is not possible (= available) use a versioned release from GitHub
  3. Otherwise, use a GitHub commit

If, for some reason, we must deviate from this, to e.g. hotfix something, an issue should be open that reminds us to go back to a versioned release again.

Other than relying on "proper releases", this also has a second purpose: Review releases of qurator-spk releases.

Test builds

GIT_COMMIT=test ./build Dockerfile-core Dockerfile-ocrd_tesserocr

To test the GitHub Action builds:

# by branch
# Note that these only get tagged if *all* the builds succeeded and ran their
# tests successfully
export DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG=master

# by git commit id
# these work even if other processors did not succesfully build (or ran their
# tests successfully)
export DOCKER_IMAGE_TAG=sha-af6da489e24c9ba7828114b546610b0d70116ba4