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Document Image Binarization

pip release GHActions Tests


Python 3.7-3.10 with Tensorflow <=2.11.1 are currently supported. While newer versions might also work, we currently don't test this.

You can either install from PyPI via

pip install sbb-binarization

or clone the repository, enter it and install (editable) with

git clone
cd sbb_binarization; pip install -e .


Pre-trained models can be downloaded from the locations below. We also provide models and model cards on 🤗

Version Format Download
2021-03-09 SavedModel
2021-03-09 HDF5
2020-01-16 SavedModel
2020-01-16 HDF5

With OCR-D, you can also use the Resource Manager, e.g.

ocrd resmgr download ocrd-sbb-binarize "*"


sbb_binarize \
  -m <path to directory containing model files> \
  <input image> \
  <output image>

Note: the output image MUST use either .tif or .png as file extension to produce a binary image. Input images can also be JPEG.

Images containing a lot of border noise (black pixels) should be cropped beforehand to improve the quality of results.


sbb_binarize -m /path/to/model/ myimage.tif myimage-bin.tif

To use the OCR-D interface:

ocrd-sbb-binarize -I INPUT_FILE_GRP -O OCR-D-IMG-BIN -P model default


For simple smoke tests, the following will

  • download models

  • download test data

  • run the OCR-D wrapper (on page and region level):

      make models
      make test