some dirty helpers
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neingeist a0c20e2c21 clearer: clear screen + scrollback buffer 4 weeks ago
XXX XXX: handle XXXs better, allow for excludes 7 months ago
apt-dater-history-prune apt-dater-history-prune: prune old apt-dater history files 2 years ago
autopyvideothumbnailer 🚧 autopyvideothumbnailer 1 month ago
b64-image b64-image: Convert an image to CSS/HTML base64 foo 7 years ago
backup-mtime backup-mtime: print out a shell script to restore mtimes to the current state 1 month ago
check-java-versions check-java-versions: provide more useful output 6 years ago
check-m4b check-mp4: check mp4 files by calling ffmpeg with the right options 6 months ago
check-mp4 check-mp4: check mp4 files by calling ffmpeg with the right options 6 months ago
check-resolution-tags check-resolution-tags: Check media file names for resolution tags (.720p. etc.) 2 years ago
clearer clearer: clear screen + scrollback buffer 4 weeks ago
connections-without-ipv6-privacy connections-without-ipv6-privacy: skip lo 7 years ago
cp-unseen cp-unseen: Ignore *.lock and stuff in .sync/ 5 years ago
crontab-suggest add crontab-suggest 8 years ago
dbus-discover dbus-discover: Discover DBUS session bus 7 years ago
dir-empty dir-empty: Check if directories are empty 7 months ago
dnf-leaves-grepped 🚧 dnf-leaves-grepped: more ok leaves 3 years ago
docker-check-updates docker-check-updates: Give container name before trying to inspect it 2 years ago
dots Dots 7 years ago
fetchmail-errors fetchmail-errors: increase MINCOUNT 6 years ago
find-junk ⚙️ find-junk: add ~/.local/share/apt-dater/history 2 years ago
find-unused add some old scripts 8 years ago
firefox-fix-outdated-flash-plugin firefox-fix-outdated-flash-plugin: fix for new profile directory names 7 years ago
flickr-download-set add some old scripts 8 years ago
flickr-download-tag add some old scripts 8 years ago
gen-yum gen-yum: fix fixing permissions 5 years ago
git-fsck-all 🐛 git-fsck-all: ignore .git/modules for now 4 years ago
git-status-all 🐛 git-status-all: get working tree directory via pathlib 9 months ago
gpg-sync-keys add gpg-sync-keys 8 years ago
iptables-geoblock Add iptables-geoblock, a geoblock experiment 8 years ago
large-files 🔧 large-files: ignore /run/media/* 4 years ago
libvirt-check-trim libvirt-check-trim: support unversioned i440fx 4 years ago
libvirt-restart-running libvirt-restart-running: properly shutdown vms 6 years ago
list-firefox-bookmarks Add list-firefox-bookmarks 7 years ago
maildir-zero Deal with empty counts 6 years ago
pdfjoin-aligned add some old scripts 8 years ago
pdfnup-slides Update pdfnup-slides 8 years ago
randint randint: give random integer 3 years ago
rmdir-empty rmdir-empty: take directory arguments 7 months ago
rss-title-filter add some old scripts 8 years ago
ruthe2rss add some old rss scripts 8 years ago
saubermann 🐛 saubermann: do not check /etc/sv/ssh for dangling symlinks 2 years ago
search-nulls Add search-nulls 6 years ago
ssh_known_dupes 🐛 ssh_known_dupes: use python3 interpreter 9 months ago
wiewardertatort wiewardertatort 1 year ago
wiki-upload have wiki-upload report on the warnings of the wiki 8 years ago