145 Commits (master)

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neingeist a0c20e2c21 clearer: clear screen + scrollback buffer 4 weeks ago
neingeist 144e755e41 🚧 autopyvideothumbnailer 1 month ago
neingeist 3872b5ed0d ⚙️ autopyvideothumbnailer: take cli argument for the dirs to search 1 month ago
neingeist a53fa548ef make-video-thumbnails: call pyvideothumbnailer for every video file found 1 month ago
neingeist 03d96732eb backup-mtime: print out a shell script to restore mtimes to the current state 1 month ago
neingeist a4d7f1d215 check-mp4: check mp4 files by calling ffmpeg with the right options 6 months ago
neingeist a4623c9e4a XXX: handle XXXs better, allow for excludes 7 months ago
neingeist 011f5f8a90 Merge branch 'master' of cvs.moegen-wir.net:neingeist/dirty-helpers 7 months ago
neingeist 65a2002323 dir-empty: Check if directories are empty 7 months ago
neingeist 7bc79861e1 rmdir-empty: take directory arguments 7 months ago
neingeist a295c5c0c6 🐛 git-status-all: get working tree directory via pathlib 9 months ago
neingeist 109fc110c1 🐛 ssh_known_dupes: use python3 interpreter 9 months ago
neingeist c540423ba3 🐛 rmdir-empty: ignore cwd to avoid error message 11 months ago
neingeist a58706e9aa rmdir-empty 1 year ago
neingeist aca0f41d65 wiewardertatort 1 year ago
neingeist 036fd39041 🐛 saubermann: do not check /etc/sv/ssh for dangling symlinks 2 years ago
neingeist 4a0b7ea182 ⚙️ find-junk: add ~/.local/share/apt-dater/history 2 years ago
neingeist 258f472f06 apt-dater-history-prune: prune old apt-dater history files 2 years ago
neingeist f20e430c20 Merge branch 'master' of https://cvs.moegen-wir.net/neingeist/dirty-helpers 2 years ago
neingeist afa7bf3d8c check-resolution-tags: Check media file names for resolution tags (.720p. etc.) 2 years ago
neingeist 7c77737e27 docker-check-updates: Give container name before trying to inspect it 2 years ago
neingeist e943df18b9 🔧 git-status-all: use python3 3 years ago
neingeist d83c592785 🚧 dnf-leaves-grepped: more ok leaves 3 years ago
neingeist 4a2693f55e 🚧 dnf-leaves-grepped: poor boy's debfoster for dnf 3 years ago
neingeist b1aba7038f randint: give random integer 3 years ago
neingeist 5278d799b4 🐛 ssh_known_dupes: fix for python3 compat 4 years ago
neingeist c0008fc038 🐛 git-status-all: convert to python to fix finding git work trees 4 years ago
neingeist bfd3bebff3 🐛 git-fsck-all: ignore .git/modules for now 4 years ago
neingeist ec87884462 🔧 large-files: ignore /run/media/* 4 years ago
neingeist 35f8bdcd45 🐛 docker-check-updates: support alpine e.g. sh + no dnf 4 years ago
neingeist c3278c5fcb libvirt-check-trim: support unversioned i440fx 4 years ago
neingeist 974828a7a8 libvirt-check-trim: use python 3 4 years ago
neingeist 367c8ed165 cp-unseen: Ignore *.lock and stuff in .sync/ 5 years ago
neingeist 36aaa69eb1 Merge branch 'master' of waschsauger.bl0rg.net:dirty-helpers 5 years ago
neingeist f9714006d0 cp-unseen: copy unseen files 5 years ago
neingeist 839553c240 Merge branch 'master' of waschsauger.bl0rg.net:dirty-helpers 5 years ago
neingeist 324402011e gen-yum: fix fixing permissions 5 years ago
neingeist 16295ce071 git-status-all: show dirty git repos 5 years ago
neingeist 276bf69878 Merge branch 'master' of waschsauger.bl0rg.net:dirty-helpers 5 years ago
neingeist 2dd32c3b23 large-files: ignore more known files 5 years ago
neingeist 568b5924f3 git-fsck-all: print output only on error 6 years ago
neingeist 9dd752c9e5 git-fsck-all: run fsck with --no-dangling 6 years ago
neingeist 51584914e5 libvirt-restart-running: properly shutdown vms 6 years ago
neingeist 7cd22de890 saubermann: exit 0 6 years ago
neingeist ea0822c20f Merge branch 'master' of waschsauger.bl0rg.net:dirty-helpers 6 years ago
neingeist fb190cc9e5 saubermann: ignore orphan kernel packages 6 years ago
neingeist 3dfc988ac0 gen-yum: handle new rpm --checksig output 6 years ago
neingeist 38243e7897 docker-check-update: convert to python 3 and juggle output 6 years ago
neingeist 077d74d9ca saubermann: avoid error exit code from aptitude search 6 years ago
neingeist fcb0bfe3a7 saubermann: avoid checking non-existing trash 6 years ago